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High-precision Coalescing Oil Filter

For oil containing a large amount of water, the separation effect is particularly remarkable, and the separation speed is several to dozens of times of the traditional speed。
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 Coalescing Oil Filter Manufacturer
Product application:
● purification of turbine oil and transformer oil
● water removal and impurities filtration removal of hydraulic lubrication system oil
● access to the hydraulic lubrication system to improve the cleanliness of the system

The presence of water in the hydraulic lubrication system will cause the oil to oxidize, deteriorate the oil, reduce the oil film thickness, reduce the lubricity, cause the oil to denature and polymerize to form macromolecules, change the oil viscosity, form organic acids, then corrode the metal surface, reduce or lose the dielectric strength of the oil.For traditional filtration and separation equipment, it is quite difficult to isolate another liquid particularly from a liquid mixed together, The coalescence and separation oil filter developed by our company integrates precision filtration and efficient dehydration, which can easily remove particulate impurities, emulsified water and free water from oil without damaging the quality of meta products.For oil containing a large amount of water, the separation effect is particularly remarkable, and the separation speed is several to dozens of times of the traditional speed.

Technical principle:
Different liquids have different surface tensions, and when the liquid flows through the pores, the smaller the surface tension, the faster the passing rate. When different mixed liquids flow into the separator, they first enter the coalescence filter element, which has multiple layers of filter media and its pore diameter increases layer by layer,due to the difference in surface tension, oil passes through the filter layer quickly, while water is much slower,and then because the coalescence filter element uses hydrophilic materials, tiny water droplets are adsorbed on the surface of the filter layer, resulting in coalescence of water droplets.Under the action of kinetic energy, small liquid droplets race to pass through the opening and gradually converge into large liquid droplets, which settle under the action of gravity and separate from oil,in the oil passing through the coalescing filter element, there are still smaller water droplets moving forward to the separation filter element under the action of inertia.The separation filter element is made of a specific hydrophobic material. When oil passes through the separation filter element, water droplets are blocked outside the separation filter element, while oil passes through the separation filter element and is discharged from the outlet.
System characteristics:
It integrates the two functions of precision filtration and high-efficiency dehydration, and uses advanced "coalescence separation" technology to dehydrate, with high dehydration efficiency and strong capability. Especially, it separates a large amount of water in oil, which has incomparable advantages over vacuum method and centrifugal method, and can break most of the oil-water emulsion structures in the medium;Through the filtration of the particle filtration system, the cleanliness of the medium can be stably controlled in the required state of the system so as to ensure the cleanliness of the oil liquid; The physical and chemical properties of oil are not changed, and the service life of oil is prolonged;Low energy consumption and low operation cost; The system has excellent configuration, strong continuous working performance and is suitable for online operation.
Particle filtration system:
Using high-efficiency filter material as filter medium, the design of super large filter area can easily filter out extremely fine particulate impurities, making the oil products reach high cleanliness.
Coalescence system:
The coalescing system consists of a group of coalescing filter elements. The coalescing filter elements adopt a unique polar molecular structure. After passing through the filter elements, free water and emulsified water in oil are coalesced into larger water droplets, which then sink into the water storage tank under the action of gravity.
Separation system:
The separation filter element of the separation system is made of a specific hydrophobic material. When oil passes through the filter element, water droplets are blocked on the outer surface of the filter element and coalesce with each other until they settle into the water storage tank due to gravity.
Drainage system:
The separated water is stored in the water storage tank, when the interface height reaches the set value, open the valve to discharge the water until it falls to the lower liquid level, close the valve and stop draining the water.

Technical parameter:
Parameter Model LYJ-J-50 LYJ-J-100 LYJ-J-150 LYJ-J-200
Filter Medium Hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, kerosene, diesel oil, turbine oil, transformer oil, etc
Operating Pressure 1MPa 1MPa 1MPa 1MPa
Operating Temperature 20-70 20-70 20-70 20-70
Filtering Accuracy NASS
Dehydration Capacity ≤100ppm ≤100ppm ≤100ppm ≤100ppm
Import Size DN32 DN40 DN40 DN50
Export Size DN32 DN40 DN40 DN50
Power Supply 380V,50HZ 380V,50HZ 380V,50HZ 380V,50HZ
Motor Power 1.5Kw 3Kw 4.5Kw 6Kw
Outline Dimension 1500×750×1050 1800×1000×1200 1850×1000×1200 2500×1200×1400

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